Monday, December 26, 2011

Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe by Irene Brand & Anita Higman (Christmas Book 6)

I have not had as much time to read this Holiday Season as I hoped.. in fact, it seems my reading time has lessened dramatically over the past year. Hopefully 2012 will be a bit less hectic. Still, I am working through my Christmas books and any that don't get read this season will be waiting for me next November... or maybe I will decide to have a Christmas in July reading fest!

As I have stated before on this blog, I love the Love Finds You books. I have yet to read one I did not enjoy, so I was thrilled to see a Christmas version in my local bookstore (I have since seen 2 or 3 other Christmas ones!).  One thing I enjoyed is this book, which contains 2 stories, has one that is Historic Fiction and one that is Contemporary.

An Appalachian Christmas happens shortly after the end of WW2.  I have to say this was a very different story... different in a good way.  Very original. So often stories are the same plot with different settings, but not so this one. Very original and good.  Julia Mayfield is reluctantly fulfilling her sisters death bed wish that her in-laws should meet their grandson.  Julia finds Mistletoe, KY to be buried in the Appalachian mountains and set back in time.  While she cannot imagine ever living in such a setting, Julia is drawn to the people and their simple way of life... especially to David Armstrong, a WW2 vet with a past as shadowed as Julia's.

Once Upon A Christmas centers around Holly Goodnight who was left of the doorstep of The Little Towne of Bethlehem Shoppe 20+ years ago on Christmas Eve.  Holly and her adoptive father never speak of that night or who her parents might have been. Then Van Keaton shows up and all that changes. A novelist, Van has gotten wind of Holly's story and wants to use it as the basis for his next novel.  Sparks fly as the two work together to flesh out the details of Holly's life.  Sparks ignite a flame of jealously in Owen Quigly, Holly's life long best-friend.

Both are delightful stories set against the backdrop of the Christmas season.

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Anita Higman said...

Thank you for featuring the Mistletoe book on your blog.

Hope you and your readers had a merry Christmas!


Anita Higman