Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas at Harrington's by Melody Carlson (Christmas Book 3)

A Melody Carlson Christmas book is in my stack pretty much every year.  I have never been disappointed by them and look forward to meeting new characters each year.  Christmas at Harrington's was no less than what I expected.... a wonderful journey into a different world to see Christmas from a new perspective.

I know many readers love their Kindles and Nooks etc. and others refuse to even look at such a device. I leaned a bit toward the refusers side until I was given a Kindle for my birthday this past fall. I still prefer a book in my hand, but I have grown accustomed to the Kindle and love, love, love the fact that I can adjust the font size when my eyes are tired!  I also love that so much is available free!  Christmas at Harrington's was a freebie a few weeks ago and I snatched it up!

Lena Markham's life has been on hold... in purgatory if you will... and now she is off for a fresh start... alone... with no job and less than $100 to her name, which has been tainted by lies and betrayals.  So when she is offered the job of playing Mrs. Santa Claus at a locally owned department store, she is shocked... but she takes the job.  Over time she grows to love it and the children and the new friends she is making... maybe, just maybe this new season of life will be better... truly a fresh start from all the hurt and hardship she has known in life... a time for Lena to discover who she is and where she wants to go.

Then the past comes rushing in like a storm and knocks Lena down... hard... beating her with everything it can... and yet in the midst of that storm, Lena meets the one who is able to calm the raging sea or if he chooses to let it rage, He calms His child by holding her in His arms.

Lena's life does change... in a much different and better way that she ever imagined.  And as she changes, so do others who see her.

Christmas at Harrington's is a reminder of all the second chances God gives us... of His love... of all the blessings He bestows on us and the privilege He gives as He calls us to be His hands and feet.

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