Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cowboy Christmas by Mary Connealy (Christmas Book 2)

I fell in love with Mary Connealy's writing earlier this year.  She is one of the reigning queens of Cowboy fiction. When I saw Cowboy Christmas I knew I had to read it!  Sidenote: While we all know you shouldn't judge a book buy its cover, it is difficult not to with Connealy's books. She has some of the best covers out there!

Elijah Walker's heart has been crushed... beyond repair or so he believes.  So when Annette Talbot shows up in Ranger Bluff, weak and needy, he is determined not to be taken in by her charms.  But there is something different about her... something that causes a need to protect to rise up inside him... and he knows if he leaves her alone his Ma would tan his hide.  So to the rescue he comes... time and time again it seems.

Annie is just as stubborn as Walker.. determined to stand on her own two feet no matter how shaky they are and to bear whatever cross the Lord gives her... the more difficult to bear the better!

Both Annie and Walker need forgiveness and healing and maybe, just maybe, they will find it as they help each other through hardship, fear and hurt.

Excellent book... as all I have read by Connealy have been. Definitely one of my absolute favorite writers these days.

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