Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Take One by Karen Kingsbury

Kingsbury is one of my absolute favorite authors. I have never read a book of hers that I did love. She is one of those authors who hook me in quickly and keep me wanting more. Her characters are so real life and so three dimensional. I honestly feel like I know them once I finish the book.

Take One is book one of her latest series ... Above The Line. 2 men... former missionaries with a new mission... have set out to set the world on fire with a passion for the Lord... through film.

Chase Ryan and Keith Ellison have started a small production company and are embarking on their first project.... The Last Letter being filmed on location in Bloomington, Indiana. Keith's daughter, Andi, is at college there and the shoot will give them opportunities to spent time together. God is in the mix and everything is running smooth... for a while. But then the world steps in... trouble with actors, temptations, lack of funding, technical difficulties and more put this project on shaky ground. Do Keith and Chase have the faith to hold on and to motivate others to do the same?

The fun part, for those who have read other Kingsbury works, is that old friends pop in throughout the book... the Baxters, Dayne and Katy, the Flannigans... this is not a continuation of earlier series, but we do get to peep in and see what is happening with them.

As always an excellent book!

A Silent Terror by Lynette Eason

Marianna Santino's world is one of silence. Deaf since birth, Marianna is quite comfortable with things the way they are and doesn't miss being part of the listening world. That is until she finds her roommate murdered, but Marianna was the intended target and the killer is still after her. Detective Ethan O'Hara is baffled by the case. Who would want a teacher at a deaf school dead and why? He devotes his time and energy to solving the case and protecting the teacher. A wonderful mystery / adventure that will keep you guessing with a bit of romance stirred in.

Bluegrass Courtship by Allie Pleiter

This is book 2 of Pleiter's Kentucky Corners series from Steeple Hill (Love Inspired). We are once again in Middleburg, Kentucky... the heart of horse country. Drew Downing and Missionnovation have come to town to restore and rebuild a local preschool. Everyone in town is all a buzz.. everyone that is except Janet Bishop of Bishop's Hardware. Janet has been on the receiving end of a smooth talking Christian... and she lost... her heart, her dignity and her faith. She wants nothing to do with Downing and is show, but she feels burdened to keep a close eye on the work to prevent cutting corners and shoddy workmanship. What she finds.. reluctantly.. is a crew that is above board doing more than necessary... and slowly but surely she feels the wall around her heart begin to crumble and her faith being restored.