Thursday, July 15, 2010

Love Finds You in Holiday Florida by Sandra D. Bricker

I have been hearing about the Love Finds You books for a while and have been wanting to read them, so imagine my surprise when my daughter brings in a stack of books to take to the library for a book sale and there is this book... Love Finds You in Holiday Florida.  I snatched it up quick!  Now my daughter doesn't read much fiction and when she does she sticks with the classics... or a good mystery... but no historic romances or chick lit or the likes for her! A friend gave her this book to read, but she never did.  So mom got it... and loved it!

Bostonian Cassie Constantine is trying to tie up loose ends and find her new normal in life after the death of her beloved husband, Zan.  One of those loose ends is there vacation house in Holiday, FL... a kitschy hamlet full of retired folks and pink flamingo studded yards.   Cassie's daughter has Christmas plans, so she decides to spend Christmas there getting the house ready to go on the market.  What she doesn't expect to find are friends... and adventure.... and new side of herself... and love.

This is a cute fun read... very much for those who love a good fairy tale... and the nice thing is the prince and princess in this one are mature!  I like that!  LOL!  Nice to read about someone my age who is the heroine and not her mom!

I have already started my 2nd Love Finds You Book... and I plan to read more! I am a sucker for Cinderella and Prince Charming!

Higher Hope by Robert Whitlow

Book 2 of the Voices of Truth series and I was not disappointed at all!  I loved the first book! Deeper Water Review  I feared the second book wouldn't be as good. I had no need to fear!  And now I feel confident book 3, which I received from the library today, will be great too!

I have to confess that I love pretty much anything to do with law and legal stuff like trials etc.  I am a certified paralegal... minored in Criminal Justice... toyed around with being a lawyer... am a nut for murder mysteries and legal thrillers in book, movie or television show form!

Higher Hope continues the story of summer law intern Tami Taylor. Tami comes from a very conservative rural Georgia background and has been tossed into mainstream Savannah head first.  Her convictions cause a bit of warring within.  I love that she does falter and struggle (as we all do) and there are times when she is able to stand firm (as we all should).  Whitlow, while providing a wonderful legal tale leaving out no necessary detail, paints a very realistic picture of the struggle between the Spirit and the Natural Man.

In Higher Hope, Tami is drawn into a case that hits a bit close to home... too close. An outspoken charismatic preacher has been accused of slander and libel and the firm has been hired to prosecute her. Tami prayerfully searches for the truth and finds more than she bargained for.

Again, a wonderful book!  Looking forward to book 3 in this series...  Greater Love.