Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Deeper Water by Robert Whitlow

I have a new author to add to my "favorites" list.. Robert Whitlow.  I loved this book!  I am a bit of a legal nut... contemplated law school.. have a criminal justice minor and am a certified paralegal.. I love just about anything to do with the law! 

Deeper Water (Book 1 of the Tides of Truth series) was one of the books I stumbled upon as I wandered through our new local library.  Terri Blackstock (one of my favorite authors) praised it... the back cover write up sounded good... and on one of his books he was compared to John Grisham, who I enjoy, so I decided to give Whitlow a try. I am sooo glad I did!  I look forward to reading the other books in this series as well as his other works. Fortunately our library system has all his books! Only a few are at my local branch, but I can request the others to be sent here as I get ready for them.  No doubt a large portion of my summer reading will be his books!

Deeper Water is set in Georgia.. Savannah, GA.  Tammy Lynn Taylor has left her home in rural north Georgia to spend the summer clerking at a prestigious law firm in Savannah. Tami (as she now spells her name) has lead a shelter life growing up in a conservative fundamentalist church and being homeschooled. I have to say Whitlow treated both those aspects of her upbringing with great respect and dignity.  While our family is conservative, we are no where near as fundamentalist as Tami's (Blue jeans are regular attire for everyone here and, obviously, we have the Internet.. among other things!)... but we are conservative and we homeschooled (I have one child entering college this year and one that just graduated college.)  There are times when homeschoolers are depicted as social misfits with extremist views.  No doubt some are... but most homeschoolers are normal folks who want what is best for their kids like most parents.  So, again, I appreciated Whitlow's portrayal of not only Tami, but her parents and siblings as normal folks.

Back to the story... Tami is in Savannah working for a law firm about to try her first case, a misdemeanor trespassing charge.. but her client's ramblings reveal something more sinister ... possibly the solution to a cold case.. the death of a young girl many years ago.  Tami decides to dig a bit and soon discovers a link to the firm and its founders.  Does the conspiracy continue on to the current day partners? Is Tami safe working there? Can she prove who murdered little Lisa Prescott all those years ago finally bringing justice to this forgot tragedy?

Excellent book... and no doubt the others in the series will be just as thrilling to read!  

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