Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Quilter's Kitchen by Jennifer Chiaverini

The Elm Creek Quilts series is one of my favorite series.  I want to find a real Elm Creek Quilts and go visit Sylvia, Sarah, Gwen, Summer and all the rest!  Most of the books in the series I have loved... a few I have liked... The Quilter's Kitchen falls into the latter category. It is easily my least favorite Elm Creek book.

Essentially it is a series of recipes that have been wrapped in a short story of memories.  Anna is the new chef at Elm Creek. She and Sylvia are cleaning out the kitchen in preparation of a major redo. Along the way, they unearth family heirlooms and treasures from Sylvia's childhood. She tells Anna stories connected with their finds. 

The stories are entertaining, but truly add nothing to the richness or depth of the Elm Creek books.  If you read the series and skipped this one, I don't think you would skip a beat.  I may find myself wrong when I read the next book, but I truly see nothing it adds to the overall stories. 

That said... there are some yummy sounding recipes in The Quilter's Kitchen, so if you like to collect recipes or cookbooks then you probably will enjoy this book.

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