Monday, December 19, 2011

I'll Be Home for Christmas & One Golden Christmas by Lenora Worth (Christmas Book 5)

I should probably call this Christmas Book 5A & 5B... or maybe even 5 & 6 since these are 2 full novels once published separately, but now in 1 book. But I will stick with calling it Book #5.

Both are sweet Christmas stories.  In I'll Be Home for Christmas, recently widowed Myla Howell finds herself homeless and stranded... but not alone. She has her 2 children and she has her Lord... and He sends Nick Rudolph in answer to her prayer for help. Now Nick does not consider himself an answer to prayer. Not on speaking terms with the Father right now, Nick is just doing what anyone would do in his shoes.. helping someone in need. But one act leads to another and before he knows it Myla is working for him and her children are fully entrenched in his home and heart.  It just be that Myla and her children are the answer to Nick's unspoken prayer.

One Golden Christmas carries the reader to Marshall, Texas where Leandra Flanagan finds her self... back home, where she swore she would never be... jobless... and in charge of the town Christmas Pageant.  In the process, she enlists the help of local carpenter, Nate Welby and finds that it is a package deal. Not only does she get Nate, but his 3 children too... and one of them has been wishing and praying for a new mother.  Leandra does not fit the bill.. no way.. she is only in Marshall for the holidays, then back to Houston to jump back into the rat race and get her career on track once again.  Or so she thinks.

Again, 2 really sweet Christmas stories that provide a delightful bit of entertainment and escape during the holiday rush!

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