Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Christmas Dog by Melody Carlson (Christmas Book 4)

Another fun Christmas read!  Betty's world us changing. Many in her neighborhood have died or moved away.  New folks move in, but everyone seems to be too busy to speak much less to get to know each other.  Her rear neighbor, Jack, is especially troublesome. Ever since he moved in things have gone from bad to worse. He rarely speaks and when he does it is to respond to a complaint, usually from Betty. His house is a mess ... an eyesore.. and Betty is tired of it.

Then Avery shows up.. her slightly grown, troubled granddaughter who is on the lamb from home.  What is Betty to do with a mixed up kid?

Add to the mix a scruffy dog who seems to belong to no one and everyone and you have the makings of a funny and sweet story with lots of lessons to be learned.

As believers, we are to love each other .. love our neighbors.. love our enemies.. and to consider others over ourselves.. but that loving is often easier said than done.  Betty is learning that first hand.  And God, who works in mysterious way, uses a worn out fence and a scraggly stray to teach her.

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