Friday, December 2, 2011

Their First Noel by Annie Jones (Christmas book #1)

I have read several books bu Annie Jones and enjoyed them all. Her works are fun and delightful to read.  In Their First Noel, Southern baker Corrie Bennington heads north to Vermont to enter and win a gingerbread house contest... and maybe, just maybe, to find a bit of who she is. Her plan is to recreate an old inn.. not just any old inn, but the inn where her estranged parents met and fell in love many years ago.

Once she arrives in Mt. Piney, she learns that the inn is closed and in the process of being restored. Determined to press forward, Corrie enlists the help of the owner, Andy McFarland.  What neither anticipates is a wish sent "prayer-ward" by Andy's little sister and her determination that Corrie is the answer.

There's a lot more in the air than sugar, spice and sawdust in the Inn... and Corrie and Andy are caught up in the magical mess of it all.

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