Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh well...

So I only got 6 of the 22+ Christmas books read!  Life has been a blur for the past 6 weeks. My 80 year old mother took a fall after a 3 week bout with pneumonia. You would think I would have lots of time to read while staying with her. Not so... when I do have "free" time, I find myself too tired to focus.  So very little reading happened during the holidays and now I am just ready for Christmas to move on... so no more Christmas books for the moment. I may pull some out during the year just to make a dent in the stack!  In the meantime, they are now stored nice and neat in their own little box in my under-the-bed library. (Anyone else have one of those! LOL!)

I have pulled a few books out of the library that I hope to read this month, as well as picked a couple on my Kindle.  Some fiction and non-fiction.

On the Fiction front I am planning to read Debbie Macomber's 1105 Yakima Street (I am a couple of books behind in her Cedar Cove series), Cathy Marie Hake's Fancy Pants, and before I go to sleep tonight I will start something new on my Kindle (I will post what later!).

Non-Fiction ... I am reading Robert J. Morgan's 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know By Heart (Kindle edition) and I have Mighty Prevailing Prayer by Wesley L. Duewel waiting in my book basket.

5 books on the to-read list for January.  Doable.. if life cooperates!

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