Saturday, July 19, 2008

Winter Turns to Spring by Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman

This is the fourth and final book in Palmer and Chapman's Seasons of Marriage series based on the teachings found in Chapman's book, The Four Seasons of Marriage.

I have loved this series and hate to see it come to an end. I want to keep up with Cody, Patsy and Pete, the Hansen family, Ashley and Brad and all the rest of Deepwater Cove. In fact, I would love to go visit them!

In Winter Turns to Spring, Brad and Ashley are faced with a major decision... do they try to save their troubled marriage or do they just toss in the towel and get on with their own individual lives? Unfortunately, they spend so much time fighting that the question never gets discussed... they just stay in reactive mode.

In the meantime, the Hansen's are planning a wedding.... Jennifer is doing some soul-searching... Patsy and Pete have plans to make... Cody is determined to drive (and scares everyone regularly!)... and a small lost dog brings a bit of fun and love to some who need it.

Come to Deepwater Cove and visit the folks there... they are a kookie lively bunch with big hearts!

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