Saturday, July 19, 2008

When You Believe by Deborah Bedford

I had never read anything by Bedford before this book. I saw a write up (ad) about a book of hers in the back of another book I was reading and was intrigued. So I decided to see what my library had in stock. I am sooo glad I did! I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more by this author.

Bedford dealt with an issue that is often ignored in Christian Fiction... sexual abuse of a child. Not a pretty subject, but a very real issue in the world today... and Bedford handled it well. She didn't sugar coat the pain and shame and scandal, but she also didn't pout out all the gory details. The reader's imagination takes care of that.

Lydia Porter is a school counselor who has been waiting for Mr. Right and happiness. She doesn't complain or even nag to God.. she just waits patiently. And now, it has arrived... in the form of Charlie Stains. Their friendship has grown and love has blossomed, but all of that is about to be tested. One of Lydia's student has confided in her that she is being abused sexually and she is pointing a finger at Charlie. Can Lydia be such a horrible judge of character? Can a person be so two-faced as to be a pillar of the community and church and yet a evil Cretan also? What should Lyddie do? Expose Charlie? Try to dig for more information? Whatever, her first priority is to protect the child.

Trust and faith are tested in a fire that seems to have no end in When You Believe. But the Word assures us that the Truth will set you free and indeed, it does.

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