Monday, July 21, 2008

Just Between Us by Deborah Bedford

This is the 2nd book I have read by Bedford and as I stated in my review of the first one, she is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. There is a great quote on the back cover of this book:

"Bedford... should appeal to readers of faith who enjoy an inspirational love story wrapped around deeper issues." - Publishers Weekly
That really does sum up what she does... she takes a sweet love story, but she sets at the core deeper issues.. things we often avoid.. and she handles them with grace and love.
Just Between Us focuses on teenage pregnancy, loss of a loved one, adoption, feeling unloved, and more. Ann Small is 14 and she is pregnant. She knows her dad is going to kill her.. once he notices. Richard Small is totally wrapped up in his job. He works as much as possible to avoid the pain and void left by his wife's death.... and part of what he ignores is his daughter, Ann.
Enter Monica Albright via the Big Brothers / Big Sisters program. Monica is there to love, encourage and support Ann. What she fines is that Ann's father needs her just as much and, to her surprise, she needs him.

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