Saturday, July 19, 2008

Giving Christ First Place from Gospel Light Publications

This is part of the First Place Weight Loss program offered at many churches. I am not in a First Place program. A group of online friends decided to do this Bible study together. There are 5 days of work each week and then 2 days of review (just reading, not digging). The work is light, but good. This study does get the participant into the Word. The homework can easily be done in 15 minutes a day... and certainly you can dig deeper on your own.

The focus of the study is evident in the title... putting God first in your life. Most of the topics covered are expected... prayer.. obedience.. surrendering all to God.. but even though they are expected, that doesn't lesson the need to address them. I don't know a Believer out there who knows everything they need to about any of those subjects and surely none of us have mastered them!

While this is part of a weight loss program, weight loss doesn't take center role here. There is a section in the back on healthy eating (complete with recipes) and exercise, but the study itself is a Bible study. That said, they do talk about valuing our body as the temple of the Holy Spirit.

This is a nice study to do in your Quiet Time or on your own. I am certain it would be fun to do with a group of friends and then meet weekly to discuss.

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