Saturday, July 19, 2008

Now and Always by Lori Copeland

Lori Copeland is one of my favorite authors. I cannot think of a single book of hers I didn't like... Now and Always is no exception. It is a contemporary novel, but includes horses... which seem to show up often in Copeland's works.

The setting for this book is a unique one... a private, secluded home that provides shelter to battered women. Candlelight is Katie's heart.... her mission in life... but she is struggling to keep it going. Managing money isn't her forte, but she is determined to do her best. Enter Warren, an old high school friend who has gone from Nerd to hunk.. and rich to boot! Warren has moved back home and Katie solicits his help to get her on her feet financially.

In the meantime, a high-profile client is drawing unwanted media attention.... Katie takes in 4 injured horses despite a lack of funding to care for them... Ben, the town sheriff has given up trying to get Katie to go out with him... and someone wants the shelter closed now. Who can Katie trust.... and who does her heart belong to? Can she dig herself out of the financial pit she is in and protect the women in her care?

Only God has the answer.

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