Wednesday, July 2, 2008

All Things Hidden by Kathy Herman

Book 3 of the Seaport Suspense series.. wonderful! Each book in this series seems to get better! In All Things Hidden, Herman once again tackles some difficult issues in a sensitive and realistic way. Unforgiveness... stubbornness... pride.... and consequences of sin are just a few. There is a lot going on in this book, but it works! Ellen Jones is facing the fact that her father, a widower, has Alzheimer's... fairly advanced. She has avoided him for so long due to unresolved issues and anger in their lives and now she may not have the chance to make peace with him. In the mean time her older son, Owen, is facing the consequences of past sin. I have to admit I love that Herman gives a clear picture (through Owen) of how we become new creations in Christ, but she doesn't sugar coat his life. Yes, he's been saved, but he has consequences from the sins of earlier years that will have a lasting effect on his life and his family. And then there is the murders. Ellen's father wanders off and apparently witnesses a stabbing. Due to his mental incapacity he is unable to help the police, but does the killer know that? Strange phone calls... possible peeping toms... attempted break ins... someone is trying to get the Jones' attention.

Excellent read... and book 4 is as good or better!

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