Friday, January 18, 2008

When Christmas Comes by Debbie Macomber

I absolutely loved this book! It is a delightful story of mishaps... miscommunications... and how it all works out for good in the end. My one bit of disappointment is that Macomber's books are secular and the storyline in this one could so easily convey the truth of Romans 8:28.

I must add that while secular, Macomber's books are basically clean. There is an occasional "mild" word and she hints at intimacy, but no sex scenes and no vulgarity.

If you have seen and enjoyed the movie, Holiday, with Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Jack Black and Kate Winslet, then you will like this story. It is very similar.
Emily Springer lives in Santa's Village.. ok that isn't the name of her hometown, but it should be! Christmas is big business in Leavenworth, Washington. So she surprises herself by going to Boston for the holidays to be with her daughter.
Charles Brewster hates Christmas and wants to be as far away from his mother and her matchmaking schemes as possible. In a rash moment, he finds an online site where people swap homes for the holidays and before he knows it he has agree to move to Leavenworth for the holidays while Emily lives in his condo. Problem is, Charles forgets that Leavenworth Prison is in Kansas.. so instead of the quite dull town he expects, this self-professed Scrooge finds himself right in the middle of Christmasland!

But the fun doesn't start there. Charles' brother shows up in Boston at Charles' condo to find an unknown woman there... Emily's daughter has gone out of town for the holidays with her new boyfriend, Emily's friend Faith fills sorry that Emily is alone at Christmas (she has no idea Emily went to Boston), so she flies to Leavenworth to spend the holidays with her only to find the Grinch has come to town! Loads of fun and hilarity ensue.. and of course romance blossoms.

This book is soo fun and soo cute... a really great pick-me-up read!


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