Friday, January 18, 2008

Christmas Mommy byTerry Fowler

This was a fun book to read over the holidays. It is one of the HeartSong Presents books. Some folks ignore them because they are small and remind them of cheap romance novels, but these books often pack a wallop. And the neat thing is a lot of the Christian artist who now have "real" novels started out writing HeartSongs.... Tracie Peterson comes to mind. I first read here 10 or more years ago through HeartSongs Presents! So don't sell these little books short!

Christmas Mommy is an adventure... not a typical adventure like mountain climbing or white water rafting, but for Julie Dennis just as harrowing! Julie is a wealthy career woman who has been tossed into the midst of motherhood for 2 weeks. Her brother and his wife have been given a well deserved trip, but someone has to take care of their 5 small children and Julie is elected. So off to a strange town on the other side of the US she goes.

Noah Loughlin is the associate pastor at Julie's brother's church and Julie's possible ex-boyfriend. Possible because they have each misinterpreted their relationship and don't really know where they stand now, but Noah's is determined to find out. He makes a point to help Julie as much as he can in order to spend time with her.... and precious little time it is.

Noah has 14 days to win Julie's heart back and convince her that God will make a way for the two of them and their dreams.

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Cecelia Dowdy said...

You're right! These little books do pack a wallop! I'll be sure to keep this one in mind!