Monday, January 21, 2008

Return to Me by Robin Lee Hatcher

Most of us know the familiar Bible story of the prodigal son. In Return to Me, Hatcher tells the story again but with a bit of a twist... the prodigal son is a daughter. Roxy Burke is determined to leave her home and its rules and the boring life there. She is headed to Nashville to become a star and she won't come back until she succeeds!

Strong words.... words that come back to haunt Roxy as she returns home seven years later with no success, no money, desperate and ashamed. Will her family take her back? Will they close the door and refuse to see her? Roxy has no idea what lies ahead, but it has to be better than what lies behind.

Jonathan Burke has prayed fervently for his younger daughter for 7 years and God has heard those prayers. He is overjoyed to see Roxy, despite her haggard appearance. She is alive and she is home. But Roxy's sister, Elena, is not so happy. Yes, she is thrilled to know Roxy is alive but her return home causes Elena to have thoughts and feelings she would rather keep buried.

As each member of the Burke family works through this new season in life, they each face a crisis of faith and a turning point in their walk.... and each learns a valuable lesson concerning God's amazing grace.


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