Friday, January 18, 2008

Mum's the Word by Kate Collins

I read what I thought was book 1 of the Flower Shop Mysteries a few weeks ago.. Slay It With Flowers. When you go to Kate Collins site and look at her list of books in this series, Slay It is first in line followed by Mum's the Word. Well either the site has them reversed or she decided to write a prequel... I am betting she didn't write a prequel! LOL!

SO if you decide to read this series.. which I highly recommend!.. start with Mum's the Word first and then Slay It With Flowers.

In Mum's, we meet law school drop out Abby Knight and her vintage banana colored Corvette. Abby has recently purchased Bloomers a struggling flower shop. Abby loves anything with leaves and she loves to meddle.. it is in her blood! No matter what her co-workers, Grace and Lottie, think she truly can't help herself. But someone has to... enter Marco DeSalvo... former P.I. now the proud owner of Down the Hatch Bar and Grill.

The mysteries in this series aren't mind boggling... most amateur sleuths can figure them out before the end of the book, but the journey is worth it. These books are more about characters than plot and they are certainly full of them.. characters that is!

I have been able to find these at my local library (number 3 is in my to-read pile... Dearly Depotted), so you might want to look at your own local library for this playful series.


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