Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Heart's Forgiveness by Merrillee Whren

A sweet story about forgiveness (have you ever noticed that is a reoccurring theme in Christian fiction?) and beginning again... about opening up your heart to God's plans instead of holding on to your own.
Grady Reynolds' life isn't going as planned. He didn't plan to loose his wife and end up a single dad to two daughters... he didn't plan to have a surley teenager headed down the wrong path and a spoiled "baby" use to getting her way... and he didn't plan to lay eyes on Maria Sanchez again. As far as he was concerned, Maria and her church caused his wife's death and he wanted nothing to do with either!

But Grady needs a fresh start. He needs a safe place to raise his girls before he looses them. So when a position opens at a friend's charitable foundation, he takes it... even though he knows Maria works there and this will put him in close proximity with her. That's ok... he can handle it... but can his heart?

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