Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sabrina - by Lori Wick

Sabrina is book two of Lori's Big Sky Dreams series. Book one is Cassidy (great book!). I am a bit biased when is comes to Lori Wick's writings. Her novel, Sophie's Heart, was my first step into Christian fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed that book and scoured the library shelves for any other Wick books they had. I cannot think of any book of hers I have read that I did not enjoy.

Sabrina is a wonderfully moving story that illustrates 2 Cor. 5:17 beautifully..... "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!"

Bri Matthews is miserable. She feels trapped in a life of prostitution with no where to turn and no one to help. Then a strange thing happens. A man is murdered and Bri is taken away by a police officer. Certain that her life is taken a turn for the worse, Bri is resigned to what lies ahead. What she doesn't know is that Danny Barshaw and his wife, Callie, have a special calling on their lives... and they are about to share it with Bri.

Through their kindness and love Sabrina is able to walk away from the life she detests and to find new life in Christ. Sadly, her old life doesn't want to walk away from her. Men from her past come looking for her... unwilling to accept her change. Bri must leave Denver, the only home she has ever known, her new church family and most of all Callie and Danny, but where will she go? Danny suggests Token Creek in Montana territory. He knows of the church there and feels she will be safe and welcome.

Once there, Bri finds employment, a place to live, a church home, new friends and a special calling on her life. She is draw to the women of the night in Token Creek. Understanding their plight better than most, she reaches out to them.... aching for them to know the freedom they can have in Jesus.... an along the way she finds an unexpected ally. As friendship turns to love, Sabrina fears the secrets of her past may rise up and cause her to once again have to leave a place she now calls home.

If you haven't read book 1 in this series (Cassidy), please do! There is much started in that book and continued in this one.

I am looking forward to book 3...


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