Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Somebody's Santa by Annie Jones

This was the last of the Christmas books I read over the holidays and what a fun book! I really enjoy Annie Jones' books... her writing style, her story lines and her characters are great.

Burke Burdett has a daunting task left to him by his recently deceased mother. It seems she has been playing "secret Santa" in their community for years and no one, not even her family, knows about it. She has bequeathed this role to Burke. And this "secret Santa" is not the normal type who makes up baskets for the needy. No, she took on a much larger challenge by picking individuals with talents and gifts and no means to develop them. There's a doctor whose medical school tuition was paid her, business owners, artists.... over the years she has provided the means for dreams to come true and lives to be changed... anonymously.

The problem? Burke has no idea where to start.... how to do this... and so he reaches out to the person who least expects to be dealing with the Burkett family ever again.. work-a-holic Dora Hoag. Dora is an organizing wizard with a great mind for problem solving. What Burke doesn't realize is she is also a woman... a woman whose heart is lost to him... so despite her best judgment she says yes... if only for a chance to be near the one she loves.

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