Monday, February 16, 2009

Rebecca's Reward by Lauraine Snelling

This is book 4 of the Daughters of Blessing series. I cannot recommend Snelling's books enough and especially the series (there are 3) set around the community of Blessing. The first series is Red River of the North, next come Return to Red River and finally Daughters of Blessing. While it is not necessary to read each series, I strongly suggest you do. They are just wonderful books!

Rebecca's Reward find Rebecca Baird feeling out of sorts. She wishes her mother were still alive to comfort her and give her advice.... or even her dear friend, Penny, who has moved away from Blessing with her husband and children. Rebecca is stuck without a husband... without a purpose... with 2 stubborn brothers who still think of her as a child.

Dreaming of opening a soda shoppe one day, Rebecca heads off to visit Penny and see a real soda shoppe in person. While visiting, she catches the eye of two young gentlemen.... but to Rebecca's surprise her mind always turns back to a friend in Blessing.

Upon her return home, Rebecca is appalled finds her brothers have arranged her marriage to the local store owner... a loathsome man. She puts her foot down and finds herself more alone than ever... or is she?

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