Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Heart of Texas Vol. 3 by Debbie Macomber

It is no secret that I am a fan of Macomber and her Heart of Texas books have been some of my favorites. There are 3 volumes in this re-released series with 2 stories per volume. I strongly recommend reading them in order as they build on one another.

Volume 3 includes Nell's Cowboy and Lone Star Baby.

Nell's Cowboy features Nell Bishop, widow, who lives with her 2 children and her mother-in-law. Nell's husband ran their farm, but it is too much for Nell, so she has decided to create a Dude Ranch. A month or so away from opening, Nell gets her first customer. Travis Grant is in Texas doing research for a book when he finds himself with no where to stay for the night. Nell takes him in and he quickly finds himself falling in love with the area, the ranch, the children and with Nell. But is she ready to love again... and how would it work. Travis is a writer from New York... Nell has no desire to leave Texas... is a long distance romance doable? or could Travis have something else in mind?

Lone Star Baby finds Amy Thornton on a bus looking for a fresh start. Six months pregnant and alone, Amy is determined to make a new life for herself and her child. As the bus is passing through Promise, Texas, Amy is compelled to get off... something about the town seems to beckon to her. And so she finds herself taking a huge leap of faith as she seeks out a place to stay and a job. Both are found quickly and Amy finds herself embraced by the people of Promise... most of them anyway, all towns have their judgmental busybodies. And the fact that Amy has caught the attention of Pastor Wade McMillen makes matters a worse. Wade knows he is to reach out to Amy as a man of God, but what about the feelings he has as a man?

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