Monday, February 16, 2009

One Perfect Day by Lauraine Snelling

I saw this novel sitting on the shelf while at my local library. I was not familiar with the title, but Snelling is one of my favorite authors so I felt it would be a good read. I was wrong... it was a great read! In fact, I read it in one sitting!

The storyline is different than typical Christian Fiction and Snelling presents it in a very creative and moving way.

Nora Peterson is a wife and the mother of twin teenagers. She is striving for perfection this year... the perfect Christmas... as she comes to term with the reality that her children will be flying the nest soon. But tragedy strikes and Nora's world becomes anything but perfect.

Jenna Montgomery is use to tragedy. As an ER nurse she sees it every day and as the mother of a teenage girl in desperate need of a heart transplant she senses it lying in wait to pounce on her at a moments notice. So when the call comes that a heart is available and the wheels start to move at the speed of light, Jenna is overwhelmed with emotions... joy for her dd... pain for the family of the donor... fear for what lies ahead.

How will these two families find their way after a life event turns their lives upside down? God and faith are the key.

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