Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Circle of Quilters by Jennife Chiaverini

This is book 9 in the Elms Creek Quilters series (I think there are 12 or 13 so far... I am behind!) This is such a great series and while it is especially fun if you are a quilter or know something about quilting, it is not written in such a way that a non-quilter couldn't enjoy it.

With the impending departure of 2 of their beloved teachers, Elms Creek Quilts has advertised for new teachers to fill the vacancies. And so the interviews begin. I love how Chiaverini set this book up... each section focuses on one candidate at a time starting with their discovering the job opening and going through the interview process. Quite often their path overlaps with another candidate, so the reader may see the same scene more than once but from a different perspective.

This method keeps the story line moving well, but more than that it develops the characters so deeply in the readers mind. And yes, you do learn at the end who is hired and who is not.... which just whets my appetite for the next book to see how the new person fits in with the rest of the group.


Do you love to read? said...

I am reading the 1st book in this series ( called The Quilter's Apprentice: An Elm Creek Quilts Novel) and I plan to read more in this series!

BarbC said...

I am reading through the series. I recently read the New Year's Quilt... need to post a review! It is a great series! Emily Richards has one based on quilts also that I like... I think Elm Creek books are better, but Richards are also very enjoyable.