Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Cedar ove Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Yes, another Christmas story by Macomber!   I really do love her books.  The Cedar Cove series was the first books of hers I read... and she is still adding to that series.  Her Christmas story set in Cedar Cove is no disappointment.  I have to admit the story is a bit... not really hokey, but sort of contrived.  Mary Jo Wyse is a young woman who finds herself pregnant and alone. Great with child, she goes to Cedar Grove to find the baby's father only to learn he is not there.  Grace and Cliff Harding take her in and she finds herself staying in their barn apartment.  The born, usually reserved for horses, is being temporarily used to house the animals from the community live nativity... including a cantankerous camel.  Mary Jo's brothers, the three Wyse guys, come in search for her and find themselves lost... they even get bad directions from an scrooge like character named King... and they bring their sister 3 gifts (you guessed it!).  Despite all that, the story really is sweet and I am hopeful Mary Jo will pop up in future Cedar Grove books.

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