Friday, December 26, 2008

On a Snowy NIght by Debbie Macomber

On a Snowy Night contains 2 wintertime tales… The Christmas Basket and The Snow Bride. Both were a delight to read.

In The Christmas Basket, we meet Noelle McDowell on her way home for the first time in 10 years. She left the day her fiancé’ stood her up. One of Noelle’s younger sisters is getting married and she has been called home for the engagement party. Dreading what… or whom… she might find there, Noelle takes a deep breath and heads home. She soon discovers that the feud between her mother and her ex-fiancé’s mom still exists, as strong as ever! And Noelle also discovers that she and Thom Sutton are still in love and were both victims of their mother’s long standing rivalry. Now they must find away to bring their moms together so that they can have a second chance at happiness.

The Snow Bride takes us on a jaunt to wintry Alaska. Jenna Campbell is a level headed woman with a solid career and no sense of adventure. So when she quits her job and flies off to Alaska to meet and possibly marry someone she met on the Internet, her friends and family are speechless. Jenna’s plans are side tracked when she accepts Reid Jamison’s offer to fly her from Fairbanks to the small town where her intended lives. Reid knows all about Dalton and his womanizing ways and determines to protect Jenna by taking him to his home to meet his sister, a woman who knows Dalton well also. What he didn’t count on was his hometown living up to its name… Snowbound. Now he and Jenna and stuck there in his home without his sister, who has gone to Fairbanks and can’t get back home. The blizzard rages on and so does the tension between Reid and Jenna. Will she Dalton find her? And when he does, how will she explain why she is with Reid?

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