Saturday, December 6, 2008

Heart of Texas Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 by Debbie Macomber

The Heart of Texas books are re-releases of older Macomber works... 2 books per volume. These are light fun stories that are great at allowing the reader to escape a bit from the craziness of the world!

Volume 1 contains Lonesome Cowboy & Texas Two-Step. In Lonesome Cowboy, Laredo Smith is picked up along the side of the road by Savannah Weston and gets more than a ride to call in his broken down truck... he gets a job offer. Savannah lives at her family ranch with brother, Grady. Grady is runs the ranch, Savannah takes care of the house and her antique rose business. So when Savannah hires Laredo without even consulting Grady tension mounts. What she sees in this shiftless drifter, Grady can't fathom. But Savannah does see something in Laredo... a chance to have more in life... a chance to do something more than just "settle"... and Laredo finds a chance to be a part of something he never dreamed possible... a family.

Texas Two Step finds Ellie Frasier struggling to deal with her father's death and hold onto his feed store. Everyone in Promise, TX loves Ellie... after all, she's one of the guys. Glen Patterson knows that for sure... Ellie is one of his best pals. So when he starts to see Ellie in a different light, he runs... he wants nothing to do with these feelings! Not for Ellie... not for any woman.

Volume 2 is made up by Caroline's Child & Dr. Texas. Caroline is Savannah's best friend.. has been for years... but Caroline has a secret. She has never told anyone the name of the father of her 5 year old daughter, Maggie. Caroline has another secret.... Grady Weston. Her heart is completely lost to a man who doesn't even notice her. What's a girl to do? Just when Caroline feels there is hope for the future and a life of love, the past comes crashing in and collides with her future... and Maggie ends up in the middle and in danger.

Dr. Texas is a cute story about Dr. Jane Dickinson, who moves to Promise, TX to fulfill her obligation to work in rural Texas for 2 years in response to their paying her college tuition. All she wants to do is make some friends, fit in and get her 2 years over with so she can move back to CA to her uncle's practice. But Jane does anything but fit in... this California girl sticks out among the locals. She eats much healthier fare than BBQ and beans... doesn't wear normal jeans or boots... and doesn't ride a horse. Cal Patterson steps in to help remedy the horse riding dilemma and along the way his heart is taken for the ride of a lifetime.

Both books were delightful to read and I have no doubt Volume 3 will be great too!

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