Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hope Rekindled by Tracie Peterson

Book 3 of the Striking a Match Trilogy

Hope Rekindled brings this wonderful trilogy to an end.  Book 3 continues the storylines started in the previous books and introduces a few of its own.  The plot thickens and builds... takes twists and turns.

Deborah's life seems to finally be falling into place.  The beginnings of healing are occurring in Perkinsville and Deborah and Christopher are about to embark on the grand adventure of life.. marriage, but before the blessed day arrives Christopher receives a telegram requesting his immediate return home.  With the wedding postponed, he travels to Kansas City only to find his life turned inside out once there. In the meantime,  an old adversary slips back into play and threatens to destroy the Vandermark family and Perkinsville.  Revenge is an evil thing!

It takes more than human resolve to survive... it take God and unwavering faith in His ability.

A wonderful conclusion to this terrific series!

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