Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dyer Consequences by Maggie Sefton

By now, if you read my blog, you know I love cozy mysteries and Sefton's Knitting series is one of my faves.  This is book 5. Sidenote: the next book in this series, as well as another fave (Seaside Sitters) are both set at Christmastime. I only read Christmas themed books from Thanksgiving to Christmas, so perfect timing! :-)

In Dyer Consquences, the knitters from Lambspun are ready to the winter thaw and the return of Spring, especially Kelly Flynn who is about to embark of the grand adventure of building a home.  Kelly is ready to move from the cottage in town and up into the mountains with her grand scenic views.  She will miss being able to walk over to the shop and enjoy coffee, knitting and conversation with her friends, but she won't miss the vandalism that has been plaguing her lately. What is it with these kids? Why are they targetting her? Slashed tires.. red paint on her stucco.. cracked windshields.. it's enough to drive a girl crazy!

The "pranks" escalate as Kelly's precious Carl is endangered and Mimi's shop falls prey to the vandals and when Kelly thinks the worst has come, a young woman is found dead in Mimi's basement floating in a tub of dye.  Are all the incidents related? Do they have anything to do with the canyon land Kelly has bought? Who would be so angry with her?

Kelly's sleuthing gene kicks into gear and she goes looking for answers.. and, as usual, finds trouble along the way.

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