Monday, October 10, 2011

Always a Baker, Never a Bride by Sandra D. Bricker

Emma Rae Travis is a confectionery wizard. Longtime pastry chef and baker at The Backstreet Bakery, her creations are loved and admired.. and then she wins the coveted Passionate Palette Award for her Creme Brulee Wedding Cake and life takes a dramatic change. Emma is offered the position of head baker at a new establishment... a one top wedding extravaganza... an old world hotel renovated into a world class setting for showers, weddings, rehearsal dinners, teas and even honeymoons. The concept is intriguing and draws Emma in... as does the owner, Mr. All-Busy Jackson Drake.  Emma is determined to add a bit of fun to Jackson's life and Jackson is determined to avoid Emma.  The result is explosive!

Come to the Tanglewood Inn and join the festivities!

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