Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Embers of Love by Tracie Peterson

Book 1 -- Striking a Match series

I knew I would like this book.. Tracie Peterson wrote it and I love Peterson's books!  I am sooo looking forward to reading the other 2 books in this series:  Hearts Aglow and Hope Rekindled.

Lizzie Decker is in a fix.. she is about to exchange wedding vows with a man she does not love just to spite her overbearing mother. How did she get here? and how will she get out?  Her friend, Deborah, has the solution. Run!  Deborah is headed back home to Texas after attending university back East and she suggests that Lizzie go with her.. right now.. before it is too late. And with her father's blessing, Lizzie does just that.

Both girls settle into life in Texas.. a whole new world for Lizzie and a familiar one seen through new eyes for Deborah.  New loves... a jilted groom... an overbearing and uncaring mother... typhoid... and more emerge on the lives of the girls and those they love.. and as they press on through the various storms of life, they emerge with renewed confidence in God and new visions for their lives.

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