Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mainely Mysteries by Susan Page Davis & Megan Elaine Davis

This is another in the America Loves Mysteries series. Mainely Mysteries is a compilation of three books -- Homicide at Blue Heron Lake, Treasure at Blue Heron Lake and Impostors at Blue Heron Lake. Each book is based in the same small town in Maine with a main set of characters running through each storyline and there is an overall storyline for the 2 central characters which runs throughout the books building in each one.

We start out with Emily, an investigative reporter,  returning to her home and reuniting with her old flame, Nate, over a dead body.  Not the most romantic way to go about it! In book 2, Emily and Nate are once again drawn into a mystery as a friend calls on them for help concerning puzzling happenings at his hunting lodge and the death of one of his guides and in book 3 two heirs with the same name show up to collect an inheritance.  Emily is determined to find the truth and the rightful heir.

These books fit my definition of a "cozy mystery" nicely.  Just enough suspense and intrigue to keep your mind guessing, but light enough to be enjoyable and not scare the wits out of you!

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Susan Page Davis said...

Barb, thanks for featuring our book. Megan and I recently learned that all three mysteries in the series will come out in individual, large print hardcovers. The first one will release in January.