Sunday, November 28, 2010

Love Finds You in North Pole Alaska by Loree Lough

Let the Christmas reading begin!  Each year I read Christmas fiction from Thanksgiving to New Year's.  I will post a bit more on that and include a list of the books I have for this year in a bit.

I began with one of the Love Finds You books. I have only read 2 others in this series of stand alone books, but so far I love them!  I am a sucker for romance... well written and not raunchy... and these books fill the bill!

Sam Sinclair has decided it is time to leave the nest and her older protective big brothers and head off to find her own life. After studying culinary arts, she is ready to find her niche as a chef. So she buys an RV and heads off from her Maryland home to a job in North Pole, Alaska!  After traveling across country, Sam arrives to find her job has been given to someone else.

She begins seeking employment.. anything.. only to find that her timing is perfect. Bryce has inherited his family's Christmas shop and he is not happy. His Aunt Olive, who runs the show, is retiring and Bryce has no intention of working indoors with all that Christmas nonsense! He gives Olive the task of finding a manager and in walks Sam.  Bryce is floored to find that Sam is Samantha.. not at all what he planned!  And to top it off, Olive has given her the other half of the upstairs duplex to share with him.  Could it get worse?

Well, yes, it could... because Bryce's life is about to be turned upside down and inside out in a way his hard marine heart can not imagine!

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