Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jessie by Lori Wick

Jessie is the third (and I believe final) book in Wick's Big Sky Dream series. Most of the characters have been introduced and some even featured in the earlier books in this series, but the story itself can stand alone. That said, I think the reader would enjoy it more by reading the previous books ... Cassidy and Sabrina.

In book three, we are given a front row seat in Jessie Wheeler's world. Jessie is an only child who grew up in the apartment over her father's mercantile. She has been helping out in the store as long as she can remember and now that she has lost both her parents, she is running it on her own. Jessie is a can do girl... like her father, she needs no one's help and makes sure she is always in charge... and like her father she has no time for such silliness as God.

Seth Redding is on his way to Texas, when he finds himself the victim of robbery. Penniless, he heads into Token Creek in search of a job. The mercantile is the last place he normally would consider, but the lovely girl working there has caught his eye. Jessie hires Seth for the day... and that one day turns into another and another... and quickly Jessie and Seth realize they love each other and want to spend all their days together. And so their life together begins.

But after the birth of their daughter, Hannah, the stress and strain of married life, running the store and parenting takes it toil. Seth and Jessie fight continuously and when an opportunity to leave presents itself, Seth takes it... leaving Jessie, Hannah, and his unborn child behind.

Eight years pass and Seth returns to Token Creek... a changed man... a new creation in Christ. A lot has happened over those years... many things of which he is ashamed... but the one thing that hasn't changed is his love for Jessie. Will she see that he is a changed man? Will she give him a second chance? Can they be a family again? and most importantly, can he help her see the truth of Christ?
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