Monday, October 13, 2008

Love the Sinner by Lynn Bulock

Love the Sinner is a Gracie Lee Mystery and part of the life, faith and getting it right books published by Steepe Hill Cafe'. Gracie Lee Harris has sells her condo in Missouri and moves to California to be near her husband, who is in a coma. Dennis had moved to CA earlier to set up his business and get everything in order for Gracie Lee to join him.... or so she thought. After months in a coma, Dennis dies... the victim of foul play... and Gracie Lee finds herself a suspect along with a number of other women... Dennis' mother, his ex-wife, daughter and pregnant fiance'. Dennis was a busy boy to say the least. As Gracie tries to process it all, she meets Linette who invites her to a support group (Christian Friends) that meets at her church. On a whim, Gracie goes and there she finds friendship, support and the Lord she had long since left behind. With renewed strength, Gracie sets out to discover who killed Dennis and why.... and all before she becomes the next victim!

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