Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Sister Circle by Vonette Bright and Nancy Moser

The Sister Circle is another treasure I have recently discovered. I read about it on a blog (wish I remembered where!) and thought it sounded pretty good. It is more than pretty good, it is great! The Sister Circle is book 1 of a series (The library called today to tell me they have book 2 on hold for me.. whoo hoo!) While I won't say a man wouldn't enjoy reading this book, it is definitely one written for women. In fact, women and their friendships are the main topic.

Evelyn Peerbaugh is trying to cope with widowhood... but the financial burden left as a result of her husband's untimely death makes it more difficult. While working in her attic, she finds an sign from days gone past when her husband's grandparents used the family home as a boarding house. Seeing the sign as confirmation of her idea to reopen Peerbaugh House, Evelyn hangs out the sign and before she can spread the news via word of mouth or advertise, God sends her tenents. They are nothing like she imagined.. and nothing like each other.

The Sister Circle follows their adventure as they learn to live together in some sort of harmony despite all their many differences. As they work and cry and laugh and argue together, they discover how precious friendship is and how God can weave together even the most diverse hearts.

Excellent book! I am looking forward to reading the entire series!

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