Sunday, August 24, 2008

Round the Corner by Vonette Bright & Nancy Moser

This is book 2 of the Sister Circle series and another wonderful book! I so enjoy books that celebrate the diversity of women and the importance of friendships. In Round the Corner, the original borders at Peerbaugh Place have moved on with their lives (never fear, they are still part of the storyline!) Evelyn is struggling with the thought of new borders and yet, she needs the income. Enter another group of diverse women, including a dear friend, and a woman who gets angered when a room isn't available for her.

Once again, forgiveness... the need for Christ and total surrender... trust... all are themes in this book. If you have read book 1 (and you really do need to read these in order), you will love seeing where the former borders are in their lives and what they are up too!
More fun, laughter, tears and growth at Peerbaugh Place!

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