Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sisterchicks Go Brit by Robin Jones Gunn

Another fun Sisterchick read! I love most all things British....especially British lit. One of the Sisterchicks in this book is a Brit Lit fan and so they end up visiting a number of places connected with literature in one way or another. It was fun to go along with them. I hope to make the trip in person one day.

Best friends, Kellie and Liz are off to take a sweet older lady, Opal, back to England to visit her sister. They are expecting a few days to site see while there. What they find are unique quirky adventures and kindred spirits to enjoy the journey with them.

Once again, the Sisterchicks in this book are a tad older than the ones I remember from the early ones. I am not quite where they are... my nest still holds some chicks... but I am headed there and so I seem to relate a bit with these older women.

In Go Brit, the Sisterchicks learn about taking a risk... in fact, wise Rose tells them the best thing a woman can do for herself is give herself permission to take risks. I need to learn that... now.. not later.

As with all the Sisterchick books, this is another great read! I am ready for another adventure... perhaps the next one I take will be in real life and not on paper!

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Clair said...

I just started reading this book this morning and am enjoying it. I wonder how many Sisterchicks books Robin plans to write...I have noticed there have been none in Asia or Africa or South America yet.