Monday, June 23, 2008

Circle of Grace by Penelope Stokes

I have read a number of Stokes books over the years and enjoyed them. She and I don't see eye to eye on certain doctrinal issues, so there are usually a few small things in her books that I don't agree with... but they in no way lessen the enjoyment nor do they take away from the message she shares.

Circle of Grace is by far the best thing I have read by her. It is a wonderful story of 4 very different young women who are thrown together through a class assignment in college. As a result, unexpected friendships arise and they become connected for life. Over the years they keep in touch through a circle journal which that pass around via mail sharing bits and pieces of their lives.. the bits and pieces they want the others to see.. sugar coated and prettied up.

But then life takes a drastic turn for one of the friends and she realizes it is time to come clean... to tell the truth and in that telling find freedom. So a reunion is planned. What she doesn't realize is that each one of them is seeking a kind of freedom and truth. And it is found in faith and in this bond they call friendship.

A very sweet story...... one that brought laughter and tears for me.

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