Friday, February 1, 2008

Snipped in the Bud by Kate Collins

When I discover a series I like I tend to read book in the series that has been published. I have been doing that with the Flower Shop Mysteries. I have one more to go and I will be all caught up! There hasn't been a bad book in the bunch! I have enjoyed each one. This is not deep reading... it is escape from the pressures of life in a hot bath reading. And lately I have needed a lot of that!
Each of these books picks up where the previous one left off. In Snipped, Abby receives an order for a black rose to be delivered to her law school nemesis, Professor "Snapdragon" Puffer. With hopes of finding him off to lunch, Abby heads to his office with her delivery. The decision to linger a bit turns out to be a bad one when Abby finds herself face to face with the fierce Dragon. As she flees his wrath, she runs into Professor Reed, who recently had her arrested for protesting animal rights at a local lab. Could this day get any worse? Yes! Determined to retrieve the rose (Dragon tossed it in the trash) and a bit of her dignity, Abby marches back up to his office to find Reed dead and she quickly becomes the prime suspect. This time Abby isn't playing amateur PI to help out a friend or because she is nosey by nature, this time it is life and death... hers!

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