Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meeting Her Match by Debra Clopton

This is one of my favorite series from Love Inspired! Debra Clopton's Mule Hollow series. Just the name is enough to peak your interest! Mule Hollow is a small town in the dusty back country of Texas. Far from civilization and women! Some time ago an idea was born and took flight...their cowboys are lonely, so they send out an ad for wives.

Meeting Her Match is the fifth Mule Hollow book. Sheri Marsh came to Mule Hollow with her friend, Laci, to start a beauty salon. She wasn't looking for a beau, although she found one... and then he broker her heart. So she is definitely done with men now. That is until Pace Gentry comes to town. God has moved Pace to Mule Hollow to work with a friend breaking horses. Use to being a long, Pace is not interested in matrimony. But Pace doesn't know about the town biddies and their goal of marrying every one off! And when they set their sights on Sheri and Pace, fireworks fly!

Like the previous Mule Hollow books, this one is full of fun and packs a lesson on faith along the way.

I have one more Mule Hollow book in my to read box.... and I am going to savor every bit of it.. in case there are no more!

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