Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Buring Heart Contract by Becky Tirabassi

I just finished working through this book in my quiet time. The subtitle says it is "A 21 day challenge to ignite your passion and fulfill your purpose." I can tell you that it takes abit longer than 21 days. There is an introduction section that explains the history of the Buring Heart Contract and prepares you for what lies ahead. Then there is the 21 day section. And finally a follow-up that helps you write your own contract, if you feel led.

Without a doubtm Tirabassi does strive to ignite the reader's passion by pouring out her own. This is a woman who loves the Lord and has such a desire for everyone to know Him fully. She challenges us to walk boldly with Christ, to list for and hear his voice, to received counsel with a teachable spirit, to love God deeply no matter the cost, to believe in His holiness above all else and to passionately share Christ with others.... and she presents ways to do that... to live that separate life that God calls us to.

As you read this book you are given bits of wisdom, rooted in scripture, and daily challenges to help bring you to this point in your walk. The challenges aren't difficult.. sometimes they are to pray about a specific aspect of your walk.... to journal a bit... to read scripture... all they tend to take is a bit of time and openess on your part.

This is most definitely a great book for college age and even mature youth, as it will help get them off on the right foot as they start this journey... but it is also good for those of us beyond those years. It is never to late to ignite passion... to refire your heart and renew your purpose.

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