Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Falling for You Again - Palmer & Chapman

This is book 3 in a four book series by Catherine Palmer & Gary Chapman. Chapman is a note counselor and author best known for his Five Love Languages book. This series is based on his nonfiction work, The Four Seasons of Marriage.

This is another one of those series that I love! There are so many good books in the Christian market today! Don't you love it!?

Falling once again takes the reader to Deepwater Cove in the Ozark Mountains where we find our old friends and neighbors Cody Goss, the Hansens, Peter Roberts and Patsy, and especially Chalie and Esther, who are somewhat the focal point of this book. Married almost 50 years, Charlie and Esther are more in love today than ever... though life is changing for them. Charlie has retired, their kids live far away, but they keep busy with a variety of activities as they find themselves in the Autumn of their life together with Winter approaching much quicker than they want.

Esther's bouts of forgetfulness, mishaps with her car and a startling diagnosis take them to a place none of us ever want to be... the reality that we may one day loose our spouse.

And in the midst of their troubles, love is in the air for other residents of Deepwater Cove. But that is as it should be... in the waning days of Autumn when Winter is nipping the air, we find hope in the knowledge that Spring will follow.

Excellent series.. the final book will be out this Spring.

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Cecelia Dowdy said...

This book looks like a must-read! Cute cover!