Saturday, February 9, 2013

While My Pretty One Knits by Anne Canadeo

Book 1 of the Black Sheep Knitting Mystery series.  A cute book.. honestly not the best mystery I have read, but not the worst.  A bit weak in plot and characters.  But still entertaining. And I already have book 2 in my to read stack.

There are several series out there that center around groups of knitters... the Seaside Knitters series by Sally Goldenbaum and the Knitting Mysteries by Maggie Sefton are 2 I love. I have reviewed books from each here (search the tags for Mystery and Knitting) Given my like of these series and my love of cozy mysteries, I was drawn to this book.

The Black Sheep Knitters are a group of ladies who are very diverse in lifestyle but connected through their love of knitting and their love of Maggie Messina's shop.. Black Sheep Knitting (hence the name of the group and the series).

Everyone is excited about an upcoming workshop with a celebrity knitter and the shop is all a buzz as Maggie tries to get everything just right for the event.  Even her competitor, Amanda Goran, owner of Knitting Nest, is looking forward to attending. Maggie is shocked that she will come and more shocked at her friendly attitude.

But as the case in most mysteries, tragedy strikes.. in the form of Amanda being found dead the morning of the event and Maggie becomes the prime suspect.  The Black Sheep Knitters rally round Maggie and set out to find the real killer and clear Maggie's name.

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