Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Match Made in Heaven by Colleen Coble

I have read other books by Coble, so when this popped up in a Kindle Bargains list it caught my eye. Add to it that the male lead is an architect and I am hooked. (I am married to an architect)  This is one of Coble's older novellas that is now available in digital form.. fairly quick to read and very fun.

Callie is an interior designer who is tired of guys being more interested in her money than in her.  How can she know for sure their "love" in genuine.  Her grandmother, the family matchmaker, tricks her into a one more date... with an architect! The last thing Callie wants is to date someone in the business, but she has to admit there is an attraction between her and Nick.

That attraction soon turns to rivalry as Callie is hired by one of Nick's clients. Their visions for the client's home are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum and an all out "I'm in charge" tug of war begins. Not the way to start a relationship!

Fun and entertaining read.

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