Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Reading Goals....

I read 64 books last year.  That would average a little over 5 a month. Not bad. Most were fiction. Only  1 was a classic, even though I was determined to work some classics into my reading.

I never set a number for the year. I read a great deal and have no doubt my list for 2013 will be long. But I do hope to read more non-fiction and classics this year. I love love love fiction and confess it is my escape from the stresses of life, but I really do want to ingest some works from days gone by that I have never read.. many are considered Children's books. My 1 classic last year was Anne of Green Gables. I loved it!  Despite the fact that I majored in English Literature and have always been a bookworm, there are many many treasures I have missed... like Little Women!  How did I grow up and not read that!?  So I will strive to read more classics... no set number, that sets me up to fail!  Just more than last year's tally of 1!

I also enjoy non-fiction and use to read a great deal more of it. Part of the problem is my lack of free time for reading and the fact that I teach Bible study.  I love doing that, but it requires a great deal of non-fiction reading and digging and so when I do have time to read, I want something lighter and less taxing on the brain.  Still.. I get so much from non-fiction books, so I will read more of them this year. I have no idea how many I read in 2012 (forgot to tally that up), but I will strive to read at least 1 non-fiction a month.  Right now I am in the throws of Christine Caine's Undaunted.  Very good book!

Looking forward to enjoying more and more of the written Word in 2013!

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